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Roller information

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NC Standard Roller: 

1. Radial runout of small 

2. Rotary resistance 

3. Dustproof waterproof performance

NC Standard Roller:

1.Balance Rotation for High Speed Operation

2.Low Friction Resistance of roller rotation and Energy-Saving

3.Permanent Lubrication.

4.Grease for Bearing and seals.

5. Excellent materials. All tubes as prescribed by the state adopts advanced roller hf welded pipe, tube in the radial beat quantity under 0.3 mm. Using high precision roller's cold drawn to suck, roughness, tolerance of ± 0.8 mm is only 0.0065. Adopting high precision bearing housings. Bearing all standard clearance precision low noise products.

6. the special process. Japan NC standard roller excellent performance by Japan's key lies in the mature NC machining process, this process is in no inner tubes are turning processing, ensure no damage to the pipe inner surface roundness, under the situation of good housing to be turning in the form of a pack in pipe, housing, still in the process of being on the campus of roller play. Because in the form of a bearing on the internal pressure pipe welding process, can guarantee bearing produces no deformation, indeed, guarantee the roller bearings, the coaxial tolerance at both ends of the roller bearings to completely under the condition of coaxial, avoid the traditional process of the axial bearing ends phenomenon, don't let bearing any stress, ensure roller rotation resistance to a minimum, thus increasing the service life of the roller.

7. the special structure. And our DTII DT75 type, type of structure, first roller surface water, no dust into the gap. Second, the depth of the bearing is homebred qianjin 30 mm, improved the stress state of the bearing, obviously increase roller life. Japan patent seal, the seal of the NC is sealed package in the form of seal completely closed roller surface water into the dust, the channel. Seal of 60-80mm raod, international current sealing for the labyrinth seal around 15mm performance has improved tremendously, in 72 hours of waterproof trials and water than the national standard of 150 grams of improving a lot.

9. High quality grease, using China petrochemical corporation, lubricating oil production of high quality of tianjin branch 2 lithium grease, can be in -30 ° f is 120 degrees temperature separation and does not work normally, ensure roller bearings, dry running five thousand hours.

Anyhow, Japanese standard of NC roller all aspects of performance is very good, especially in long-distance large-capacity belt conveyor, the effect is better, DT75 alternative DTII type, the best choice of roller.

1.Diameter:50-219mm . 

2.Length:190mm to 3500mm . 

3.ocupies the No.1 position of production capability.

Using the international standard designing and manufacturing technology, our company has improved the designing and production ability to a higher lever. The idlers produced here enjoy minimum revolving resistance, long life, small maintain work and high load capability.

The company adopts special fine welding steel pipe for idler, and does  puncture processing in the tube. The roundness is controlled in special tolerance scope. The axle is according to standard tolerance and manufactured by fine cold drag steel. The bearing housing has been manufactured after stamping many times by the imported cold griped steel. 

The idler shell and bearing housing have been welded together by the automatic welding machinery hand. Then it forms a whole high strength structure.

The bearing, which uses the world famous brand, is the big roving crack, deep groove ball and double sealing bearing. It makes the idler has the ideal static and dynamic balance that is better than the national standard.

The company has done the special design and formed a particular C&Y seal way after integrating the overseas and domestic labyrinth seal style, It is filled with resisted high speed, high temperature and ultralow temperature antioxidant lithium. So it prevents the corrosion of the impurity, the water and the air effectively. 

The above technical conditions can guarantee the idler enjoy 50000 hours of working life.

At present, the conveyor roller series products include the carrying idler, the return idler, the impact idler, the centring idler, the spiral idler, the idler with rubber rings, etc..

1.We can product according to request.

2.We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture the most reliable and cost effective solutions  for our customers

3.We offer a wide variety of quality roll coverings and material durometers.  We can supply specialty contours, configurations, and thicknesses.

4.If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the future.

conveyer roller

1.applicable to all types of boxes, bags, trays,etc

2.simple and strongly designed,flexib

The super strong roller conveyor can increase productivity and reduce costs.

roller coveyor Item


roller conveyor Drive mode

Double chain/ circle O belt or V and O+ straight axes

Roller type

Designed according to load capacity

roller conveyor Speed

Max 35m/min

roller conveyor Angle




Load capacity




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