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Long distance horizontal bending Belt Conveyor

Long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor is widely used in mine, metallurgy, building material, chemical industry, power, grain, and other industry to convey material in long distance. Horizontal bending belt conveyor uses bending running line to dodge obstacles and bad landscapes for realizing less or no transfer tower construction, so that the quantity of equipment can be minimized, and the power supply and control system can be more centered. The horizontal bending belt conveyor made by NHI can meet the technical requirement of ultra long distance conveying with high capacity and high speed. Horizontal bend long-distance belt conveyor can convey bulk material and packaged goods.
Natural level turning only take some measures to implement the conveyor on the frame structure of the natural turning, this turning type don’t make big change on the structure but expand the application scope as well easy maintenance, small installation space and no material’s secondary crushing.


The Belt Conveyor is advanced and simple in structure, easy to maintain. Its transfer capacity is high, transfer distance is long. They are widely used in mining, metallurgical and coal industry to transfer sandy or lump material, or packaged material. 
We can design the system to meet your requirements,your any inquiry is highly appreciated.

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