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Impact Bed

The impact bed is mainly made up of impact bars, reinforced channel steel,supporting frame ,joints and so on. The impact bars are made of rubber bars and Ultra High Molecular Weight PU with special vulcanization technology. The rubber bars are made of rubber and frame by heat vulcanization, where the frames are made of special structural steel and used for increasing the strength and connection performance of rubber bars. The reinforced channel steel supports and protects the buffer bars. The supporting frame is designed and manufactured according to size of belt conveyors and trough angle of belt, which is fixed on the supporting frame of conveyors, supporting and strengthening the reinforced channel steel and impact bars.


Conveyor impact bed is applied to the belt conveyor by material (loading point),  to replace tradition cushion rollers,effectively avoid falling material on impact damage and fracture of conveyor belt,also used to prevent
the belt deviation.


To receive strength evenly in conveyor belt, effectively prevent the belt longitudinal tear.
High elastic rubber to protect belt is not damaged.
UHMWPE is used to reduce the friction between belt and buffer strip transport.
Reduce material scattered  effectively.
To overcome and avoid the long-term impact on backup roll rotation bearing,or the roller body rotating inflexible.
Special bolt, ensure that the buffer not loose in the run.
On both ends of the arc, effectively ensure the smooth operation of the conveyor belt.
 Installation is simple, durable, easy maintenance.

Impact Bed

Impact Bed

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