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How to make one qualified roller

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一、 We should know the roller importance.

The roller is very important part for one conveyor.There are a lot of kinds.The quantity is very big.The roller cost is about 35% for one conveyor.It bears 70% resistance.So the roller quality is very important.

The roller function is that it can support conveyor belt and material weight.So the roller should go slick to reduce the friction between belt and roller.It plays a very important part for the conveyor belt' s working life.

Though the roller is small part for belt conveyor.The structure is simple.But it is difficult to make alified roller.

二、How to judge a good roller:The roller radial play eccentricity, roller nimbleness , Axial movement.The roller radial play eccentricity for belt conveyor function If  play eccentricity is on the chinese scale ,it can make sure the belt conveyor to move stable.Otherwise,the belt will move up and down to throw material.If the belt conveyor speed is more and more quickly, you will know the radial play eccentricity function.Chinese standard is 0.7mm.Japaness JIS standard IS.5MM

The roller nimbleness for belt conveyor function.

In the belt conveyor operational process,the roller nimbleness is very important.If the roller nimbleness is not good,the revolving obstruction high degree is high, the whole belt conveyor system should get more power and use more electric.Some times,it will cause the belt tear,motor burnout.Worse,It will cause fire.So we should choose the revolving obstruction low roller.(it is better lower 0.020)

三、The standard for judge one good roller.

1.Roller rustproof function

2. Roller waterproof function

3. Roller Axial bearing function

4.Roller shock resistance function

5.Roller working life

So our company make roller according to chinese GB/T10595-2009 Standard

1、Special roller pipe:The special pipe's coaxility and ovality is on the chinese standard scale 0.03mm.The wall thickness is even and weldless.The surface is smooth.This kind of pipe can make sure the roller move stable andradial play eccentricity

2、Special shaft: The bearing sitting is exact. The concentricity is very high.The standard bearing sitting shaft and bearing closely clearance fit.We use auto pressing machine to make sure the roller quality.       

3、Renben bearing:Renben bearing there is no noise,Flexible rotation,Bear ability

4、Bearing  box seal:Welding stamping tile box,seven parts labyrinth seal;,Good waterproof,good rustproof.Nylon oil seal.anti-static ,resistant to wear, long life.

To make sure the products' quality,our company have some special machines.The company has large lathe, numerical control, double pressing machine, double welding machine, double boring lathe, milling machine, sawing machine and so on.Also we will test roller.For example, rotation resistance testing,, rustproof testing,,waterproof testing,Axial displacement testing,Axial carrying capacity testing, noise testing,painting thickness testing and adhesion testing.The yield of products is more than 98%.The roller working life is more then two hundred fifty thousand hours.It can make sure the belt conveyor move stable.


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