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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt


Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt Feature

The carcass is made from Polyester fabric, Nylon fabric, Cotton fabric,or Terylene & Cotton fabric, etc. Adopting lower crystal rubber materials as cover rubber, it allows our Cold Resistant Belt to maintain excellent elasticity and impact resistance at temperature of – 40 degree C. The belt is manufactured by forming and vulcanizing.

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt Application

Ideally suited to applications in the open air of cold environments or freezer stores/warehouses.

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belts Characteristic
1. Cold temperature and wear-resistance
2. Good performance under designed temperature
3. High elasticity
4. Anti-impact

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt Standard

GB/T 7984-2001,DIN22102,BS490,AS1332,RMA,JISK6322,SABS1173 etc.

Technical Parameter

Performance of Cover Rubber
Cold resistant conveyor belt

Cold Resistant Grade

C1-- Suitable for temperature from –45 - +50℃
C2-- Suitable for temperature from –60 - +50℃

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